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Behavioral Therapy for children and adults and coupl
​Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Child therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
for children and adults

The Approach 

I offer my clients a highly effective treatment modality developed by Dr. David Burns, a psychiatrist and emeritus professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. TEAM-CBT has successfully provided a rapid recovery from issues concerning mood, anxiety, and relationship problems.

What is TEAM? TEAM is an acronym for Testing, Empathy, Assessment of resistance, and Methods.

T – Testing.  In the same way that your physician checks your temperature, blood pressure, and body weigh, I use psychological measures for a more accurate evaluation of your mood.
I use a standard measure to collect information concerning your emotional state. That includes level of happiness, anxiety, safety, anger, and the quality of relationships with your loves ones. Our relationship with others can be a source of happiness or grief, and is therefore, to count for when evaluating one's mood. 

E – Empathy. Earning my clients' trust is the most humbling and yet, the rewarding aspect of my work. Empathy is the foundation for successful therapy. I care for you to feel understood, connected, seen, and cared for. No therapy would have the desired effect without this step.

A – Assessment of resistance. Many of us seek change and yet, fear it. We want it, but as we get closer we become a little unsure. At times, we want the change to be done by someone else, as it is their behavior that is the problem. 

Assessment of resistance helps us understand what you really want and assess how much work you are willing to put in for the best possible results.


M – Methods. Methods are the tools we will use to crush your challenging thoughts, hopefully for good. Although there are over 100 tools, we only need to find one or two that work the best for you. Different methods are used for different problems and different personalities.

Exposure treatment is usually the method of choice for treating anxiety-related problems. There are different types of exposure treatment. You can read about it in the treatment page.

.Contact me today to learn more about how the TEAM-CBT approach can assist you

Team CBT certificate

Practice Policies

  • I normally see clients once a week. Sessions are 50 minutes long.

  • Bi-weekly sessions might be recommended for a limited time to boost your skills.

  • Intensives available! You can save yourself the hassle of going to therapy for weeks by attending a weekend intensive. Intensives consolidate several hours of therapy into a day or two over a weekend. Click here to schedule an intensive.

  • Sliding scale available for those who qualify 

  • Accepted forms of payment are checks, credit cards, and Health Spending Account (HSA)

  • I do not take insurance. Please ask your insurance provider about out-of-network coverage

  • Missed appointments and late cancellations delay the progress of our work.   


Canceling without 24-hour notice may entail payment of a full session fee.

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