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The arrival of chaos

March 17, 2016


“The arrival of chaos should be regarded as extremely good news.” Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
By definition, chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion that is not controlled by anything or anybody. This absence of control and disarray is often accompanied by an intense desire for it to end and a range of overwhelming feelings. Our need to control has meant to help us cope and survive. It provides us with some sense of knowing in the midst of the unknown and thereof, gives us hope and meaning. But like all defenses, control has two sides, the wise and the neurotic. The wise represents a state of balance and stability. The wise knows that to be in control does not mean to monitor the world surround you, but rather, to control your responses and reactions to others and the environment. The neurotic on the other hand tries to control oneself by controlling his/her environment. We respond neurotically to environmental stimulants when one's stress level is high and has little to no access to healthy coping and self-soothing. People self-sooth in different ways and learning what works for you would be your first step towards a more balanced state. Healthy ways of self-soothing are always nurturing and result in enhanced self-esteem, increased competence, and self-efficacy. Spending time in nature, art related activities, and exercise is some good examples of nurturing activities. Neurotic methods of self-soothing will enhance codependency and reduce efficacy and may include the use of substances and excessive dependency on others to feel better. The good news in the arrival of chaos has to do with our perspective. It's the window of opportunity where we could choose to respond to fear with courage, vs. anxiety, with curiosity, vs. judgment, and with kindness vs. anger. It's the junction where fear becomes courage and where neuroticism turns into wisdom. The ability to transcend means to be able to go beyond the range of limits and raise above that confines us. The arrival of chaos is the junction of transcendence. A place to embrace the unknown, for not knowing holds the seed for new and exciting possibilities that we have not yet considered.


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