Positive DIscipline

When children are empowered to act responsibly, they develop a sense of leadership, competence, and the ability to problem solve. Positive Discipline addresses behavioral issues and provides tools to reduce conflict and strengthen the parent-child bond. Positive Discipline techniques eliminate power struggles and show you how to work with children in a way that nurtures insight, confidence, and competence. I recommend this book to parents and individuals working with children. Using Positive Discipline will not only improve your relationship with your child/students, but it would further transform their lives.

I Don’t Want to Talk About it

I Don’t Want to Talk About It addresses the experience of male depression, through the personal story or a renowned therapist, Terry Real. The text incorporates case examples that provide a broad look at the experience across time and cultures.





Asperger Syndrome & Your Child

Asperger Syndrome & Your Child addresses the struggles parents face when their child is diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It highlights the strengths of the children with the diagnosis and provides parents with tools and support to cope with the diagnosis and help bring out the potential in their child. 

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