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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

My Approach 

Although I was initially psychodynamically trained (exploring early childhood experiences as the original cause of our mental state), I now employ a structured cognitive-behavioral approach called TEAM-CBT that supports a more rapid recovery and relief from symptoms of mood and anxiety-based disorders. T in TEAM stands to Testing. I use a standard measure to test and collect information concerning your mood, anxiety, safety, anger, your general level of happiness, and the quality of a chosen relationship in your life (relationships play a significant role in our level of happiness in life). E - stands for Empathy, it is important for me to fully understand my client's experience. This includes their emotional state that comes with the stories they share with me. A - stands for Assessment of resistance. Therapy can transform your life, but it takes work and effort. It takes willingness and courage to

examine 'why you are suffering?' to improve the way you feel. While I will be there with you every step of the way, your success depends on your willingness to do the work and apply the tools you will be given in therapy. M - stands for Methods. Once you are willing and committed to do the work, I have some powerful tools that will show you how your thoughts and feelings make you feel bad and anxious. They get in your way and keep you from seeing how awesome you truly are. Methods include techniques that will make you feel good about who you are (as long as you truly want to see that yourself). TEAM-CBT is also used for relationship problems and is a very effective method for addressing all types of relationships, including couples, parent-child relationships, your relationships with your colleagues, and above all your relationship to your self.

Office Policies
  • Sessions are 50 minutes long

  • Extended sessions are used for couples therapy and family therapy and are 80 min long

  • Sliding scale available for those who qualify

  • Accepted forms of payment are checks, credit cards, and flexible spending account

  • I do not take insurance. Ask your insurance provider about out-of-network coverage

  • Missed appointments and late cancellations delay the progress of our work. Canceling without 24-hour notice may entail payment of a full session fee.

Contact Me

Due to COVID-19, all services are via Video Therapy.

Therapy is a commitment, and ​before we start working together, I'd like to offer you a 20 min' free consultation, where you can ask me questions and explain why you are seeking my services at this point in your life.

Please contact me to schedule a FREE consultation.

Be aware that the use of email could compromise your privacy. Please keep your email succinct and minimize identifying information. 

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